Top 5 Hints To Go For A Video Editor

The market of video editors is vast with the competition getting fierce. There are certain ideas which one need to keep in mind while doing a decision for an appropriate video editing application. Remarkably the functions of video editors that were on the market until a few years ago were ones that available at a commercial or a “prosumer” standard. However in today’s time and era it is available for any customer.

One can review the following factors as a way to obtain the perfect video editing software. Also the factor is that one should be totally well known with all the functions and know the benefits of each of them. The hints include the following:

1. The user interface of the video editing software program is necessary. On the other hand an user-friendly and a basic interface along with providing access to advanced control and functions will be an useful choice. Initially one might find it different but with continuous usage one would be get comfortable and understand each function well.

2. The input video file set-ups is a significant factor to look into. Most of the video editors prove to be suitable with several video file formats. However in today?s technology era there are many volumes of video recording sources and units. Thus people should know the video file formats they would use besides the devices or source files in which the raw footage would be saved. The video file format should be appropriate to the video editor software.

3. The technique of video import is another essential aspect which one needs to look into. Usually the most common and standard defining video is DV AVI. Moreover there are a number of devices and camcorders which indulge in video footage and in an a number of ways. Moreover, there are many devices which also record the video to a hard drive and to memory cards as well. Hence it is important to check the compatibility and the video editor.

4. The quality of video editing is a factor which people should check on at the same time.

5. At times there are video editors which have a limitation on the number of records which one can modify. On the other hand there are some which have the possibility of infinite options too. Thus one can make a selection as per their need and frequency of editing.

These are primary functions which people should check on while making a decision of video editor. An informed and researched decision would be helpful in the long term!

5 Best Free Video Editors

You can use Best Free Video Editing Software available online to create, edit, add effects, and improve quality of your official and unofficial videos. Mostly, full licensed software is costly and does not provide such a good service as well. So, it would be better to use the Free Video Editors available free online.

1. Windows Movie Maker 2.1: WMM 2.1 is the Best Free Video Editing software that is used for making, modifying, and sharing all type of movies, albums, etc. You can drag & drop the clips and compose your movie, and then can be shared using a DVD/VCD, Email via Web, Video tapes for viewing on Cam or TV or by other means. WMM can work on all OS from Win XP running on 600 MHz Processor or more

2. iMovie 4: You can make real life videos, edit, improve its quality and share it with your friends on a VCD/DVD. You can run through the clips and albums on iTunes and use them on iMovies. Compose your pictures album by taking pictures. You can do editing, drag & drop clips, browse videos, and add title, effects and transitions, all in a single area.

3. Portable Movie Maker: Making effect changes to saved clips, composing them to make movies is made easy by PMM. It has got neat UI, technical options, and making movies is little complex. The 2 tabs, Collections tab is for managing videos that are being currently used and Task tab has got options for capturing, editing videos, applying transitions and timeline effects to them and saving to several formats.

4. vReveal: Video Editing tool is one among the easy to use tools present on vReveal that can be used to enhance video qualities. You upload (thumbnail) videos from folders; fine tune them to improve the quality with various options available. The left side window previews original video and the right side window previews quality change effected video, enabling you to compare.

5. YouTube Movie Maker: You can make, edit text/pictures/videos by doing special effects and transitions, save to various formats, share and manage in your YouTube account. You can add music and sound effects, titles, texts, subtitles, and crop, cut/split, zoom, trim, and make HD videos.

Free Video Creator – Video Editor 2010 Review

Have you ever wanted to be able to make and edit your own videos? How about taking existing video clips and adjoin them together to create a single video? All of this seems like it would be great but are you having trouble finding software that fits these needs that are free? Well I’d like to introduce to you Free Video Creator – Video Editor 2010.

Free Video Creator – Video Editor 2010 takes your dreams of making your own videos on the internet and turns them into a reality, for free! This software not only lets you create your own video files from scratch; it also allows you to be able to edit, split, and cut video files. So when you are browsing through the internet and you read all this nonsense about free video creators and editors not being good quality, think again. This software will provide you with all the tools that the other costly programs have, so why pay if you can get it for free?

The video editing software we have here today has tons of features in which most other software’s can’t compare with. For instance, with most Video Editors you will lose a substantial amount of quality on a video if you edit it, not the Free Video Creator – Video Editor 2010! The ability to cut large AVI files into much smaller pieces is also very useful. As always, you want everything to be quick and easy, so if you are editing and creating videos you always want the process to be easy and as fast as possible as well. This is just one of the other plenty of reasons why the Free Video Creator – Video Editor is superior to other similar programs.

Now that we have went over the basics of this software and seen everything that it can do, it is time to download and install. If you are uneasy about downloading, particularly free downloads, don’t worry because this software has been checked and scanned for threats of spyware and adware. Meaning your computer will not be harmed and viruses or trojans will not be placed on your computer upon installation. One of the things that impressed me greatly before even opening or running the software was how quickly it downloaded. The download size is only 706 kb, which allows it to download at a very fast rate. You also do not have to deal with any ZIP files because the software comes already in a .EXE format. One of the negatives that may turn down some users is that it is only compatible with Windows operating systems, so at this time MAC users are unable to use it.

After you have successfully installed the software you will be prompted for automatic updates. This is quite impressive because you are not only getting this program for free but you are also getting updates in the future for absolutely free. This program is especially for you if you are not very tech savvy because the interface is very basic.

Overall, I would grade this software a 4 out of 5 stars. I have rated it this because I think the software is wonderful but it would have gained 5 out of 5 if you could insert audio clips in.