A Look at Some of the Best Free Video Editing Software

No matter how carefully people shoot their video footage, the raw product they generate will always need a lot of work to become watchable. In order to turn raw video footage into an entertaining product, it is crucial that the footage is edited properly. The key to editing is using the right editing software to make the process as seamless as possible. There are a lot of video editing programs from which to choose, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. To that end, here is a look at some of the best free video editing software available today.


One of the reasons that so many creative people own Macs instead of PCs is that they are so great for managing media. For example, iMovie is one of the absolute best free video editing software programs out there. It comes bundled free with every Mac machine, and amateur and professional editors will love all the valuable tools this program has. It makes it very easy to import video from a wide range of devices, and the interface is clean and easy to use. It is also easy to export movies created in iMovie straight to YouTube or burn them to DVD.

Windows Movie Maker

For those who are making movies with a PC instead of a Mac, iMovie is not an option. Instead, Windows machines come bundled with Windows Movie Maker. This program is also quite simple to use. It is easy to drag and drop picture and video files into the program to create movies. Though the interface is not as clean as iMovie, it is still a nice program that has all the basic effects that most home movie makers will need. This program also makes it easy to quickly export the finished movie to Facebook or YouTube. One quibble that many folks have with Windows Movie Maker is that it is not compatible with many common video formats, but downloading a simple video conversion program will quickly take care of this problem.


For home movie makers who are looking to create something special, it is always nice to have access to a program that has a Hollywood pedigree. Lightworks is such a program. One of the very best video editing software companies in the world, Lightworks video editors have been used for classic movies such as “Raging Bull” and “Pulp Fiction.” One of the coolest things about Lightworks is that it is compatible with nearly every video format in use today. It has a plethora of professional level video editing effects like color correction and GPU-accelerated real time effects. This is by far the most robust of all the free video editing programs available, which means that it will require someone who is knowledgeable about video editing to be able to take full advantage of its abilities.


This is the free video editor for people who are fans of getting things done quickly and easily. This editor is designed to do quick edits, and it does not have a wide range of editing features. The key here is that it makes it easy to quickly upload and edit video. It can quickly be trimmed down raw footage into a manageable product that can be later fine-tuned with a more advanced video editing program.

These programs are all very useful video editing tools that are completely free for users. Anyone who wants to get into film editing will do well to get their feet wet with one of these best free video editing software programs. They can create very impressive movies that will be on par with low budget Hollywood films.

Choosing a Freelance Video Editor

Perhaps you have years of videotapes from special events in your life, such as family vacations or friends weddings, with which you have been meaning to do something for a long time. Or, maybe you’re the owner of a restaurant or have a piece of land that you’d like to sell. In situations like these, all that is standing between you and having finished, professionally done video that will help you in your business or in your enjoyment of personal video that you already have, is finding and hiring a freelance video editor.

If you’re like most people you’re put off at the thought of learning how to do video editing using software that is available for PC and Mac computers. The learning curve perhaps simply seems too steep when your life is already busy enough as it is. Not only that, many video editing software packages are relatively expensive to purchase, then there’s the question of whether or not you’ll need a computer hardware upgrade in order to accommodate the new software that you might purchase. Well, making use of the video editing skills of a professional editor is a perfect way to avoid all of these hurdles and expenses.

Perhaps you think that a freelance video editor is way too expensive to justify finding and hiring.  The fact is that not only is finding a competent editor easier than you probably think (i.e simply search on the Internet!), the cost of their services probably is cheaper than you imagine as well. Why would this be?

The fact is that as a professional, any editor that you hire will likely take the videotape or tapes that you have on hand and make a beautiful piece of produced video incredibly quickly, even in one or two days. The thing is that having familiarity with complex and powerful video editing software, as the professional that you hire will have, means that one can go from raw video to the finished product much quicker than you think. This lowers costs, especially if you hire him or her by the job rather than by the hour. Remember that as familiar as video editing professionals are with things like transitions, titles, basic special effects, etc. they can very quickly insert all of the features that you expect in your finished video project.

Once they’re done with the job, you can expect either a video file delivered to you via FTP or other methods,  and/or a finished burn DVD in the mail. In all likelihood the project will surpass all your expectations. The best part is that you will have your special personal moments, or a short video spot for your business finished, and produced, rather than just remaining a plan for the future, to be finished someday.

What Is the Best Video Editing Software

It’s already common for video editors to ask if what is the best video editing software. I’ve been asking the same question also before but I already stopped doing so when I already found the best one for me.

If you ask professional video editors if what is the best video editing software, chances are they have different answers. This is because each one has his or her own preferences. This means that this question has no definite answer. It really depends upon your opinion.

Rather than telling you directly if what is the best video editing software, let me just help you choose the one that works for you by giving you the following different situations.

1. Are you a professional video editor?

If you are a professional video editor then I really recommend having a professional software as well. When we say professional software, it must have the capability of doing the task that a professional video editing can accomplish. To mention a few, it must be able to import different kinds of video formats (specially the latest ones). It must also have the effects that you wanted to achieve. There are really many features of a professional video editing software and I’m sure you know them. If you think a software can have almost everything that you need, then that might be the right one for you.

2. Are you a home video editor?

If you are still a home video editor, then you don’t have to acquire a luxurious software for now. This is because you might not need yet those features that an expensive one has anyway. You can just choose a simpler program that you can use so long as it has the basic features that you need.

3. Are you an online video editor?

There might be situations where in you just wanted to edit your videos online. If this is the case, you don’t have to grab a program really. You can just go to any online editing sites out there and edit your videos through their tools.

In knowing what is the best video editing software, you check your self if where are you in the situations I mentioned above. My advice is that, you really don’t have to spend so much time in knowing what is the best video editing software. Just check out on anything and learn how to use it. Once you mastered one, then that’s already the best for you. At the end of the day, viewers don’t really care if what software you used to edit your video. They just care about the video you made.